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The Consumer Advocate is the APOLITICAL, UNBIASED, and IMPARTIAL organization that puts the consumer first! We are in existence to fight for the rights of consumers. Our purpose is to thoroughly research both sides of consumer complaints; to provide mediation and resolution in disputed cases; to investigate and promote new and small businesses; to endorse the finest businesses, and to provide a sounding board for the average consumer who, often times, feels like they have no voice.


The purpose of The Consumer Advocate Show is to find the answers to consumer questions; address consumer concerns and complaints; and discuss local, state and national consumer issues with qualified experts. We also pledge to work with and promote local businesses and non-profit agencies, in an effort to strengthen each community’s diversity, spirit of cooperation and overall well-being.


We strive to promote consumer education and empowerment through our website, e-mail blasts, sponsored panel discussions, public forums, and the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. We also use social media in marketing The Consumer Advocate and encouraging public participation in our mission.


We work with interns from local colleges and universities. We feel the experiences they have with The Consumer Advocate will further their education in two ways. First, they will be able to take an active role in the consumer advocacy process. Secondly, they will be able to get first-hand experience in various aspects of Journalism and Communication by taking consumer complaints, conducting investigations, writing Consumer Advocate Reports, and presenting their findings on The Consumer Advocate Show, website, and social media sites.


We intend to extend the reach of The Consumer Advocate to communities across America, so every consumer has someone standing up for them.