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Michael SatterfieldWelcome to the Consumer Advocate Financial Network. Our Financial Network is designed to provide the public with a screening process for the top Financial Professionals in the industry. Each Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Broker, Insurance Agent or Estate Lawyer in the network has been carefully screened by my staff before becoming endorsed by the Consumer Advocate. In addition to providing you with a referral we also offer a list of Financial Products designed for people that are looking for the safest investments on the market. We pay up to 6% on some of our court ordered Structured Settlements. These settlements are backed by some of the largest insurance companies in the country. Or if you are looking for Income with a short term commitment call us. We will provide you with a Senior Position note, paying a 6% return on your investment every month. These senior position notes are secured by a first Lien on Commercial Real Estate.If you are looking for a Financial Professional and would like me to check them out first,

call the Consumer Advocate at 719-471-8566.

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